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Get ready for 2020 with the
Wild Nature Diary & Calendar

The wild landscapes of Britain are some of the most beautiful in the world. From the far North West Highlands and Islands of Scotland to the rugged sea cliffs of Cornwall are hidden corners of wildness, each with their own special creatures, plants and geology.

Yet these apparently unspoilt and natural landscapes are impacted everywhere by human occupation, overgrazing and blanket forestry. Positive action was called for in the face of this process of erosion and degradation and the John Muir Trust was formed in 1983, standing up for the wild land values pioneered by John Muir over a hundred years ago.

This website introduces those elements of land, nature, people and spirit that meant so much to him, and demonstrates that the natural world has a vital part to play in our lives through stewardship and preservation of ecosystems and natural resources.

The photographs within the pages of the Wild Nature Diary and the Wild Nature Calendar have been drawn from photographers with direct experience of encounters from the natural world in which we live. Each image tells its own inspiring story and helps us to connect with nature every day.

I hope you enjoy the scenes, textures and atmospheres of wild places throughout the year in the pages of the Wild Nature Diary 2020 and its companion Wild Nature Calendar 2020.

Photo of the Week

The Giant’s Causeway in County Antrim, Northern Ireland is made up of some forty-thousand interlocking basalt columns which protrude from the sea. Before its origins were understood by geologist, it was thought by many to have been created by the Irish giant Finn McCool who hurled chunks of the Antrim coast into the sea to form a path he could follow to pursue his Scottish rival Benandonner.

Photograph by Granville Harris

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